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Monday, June 7

Picture it perfect

For the last 4 days i've been spending my time with my old folks , my bff's .At first i met soren mohd noor at the mines because we were planning for so long to meet each but haven't had the chance to do so .  Like it or not i took a taxi to the mines by myself just to meet her . We had so much talk and so-so but it last for only 2 hours . It was nearly 10pm that time and she had to get back home . Later that night i spent it with my dearly coursemates playing bowling and karaoke . It was really funny though . 

The next day I was picked by my other bff , maryam fathillah . I spent the last 3 night at her house . We were actually heading to our previous high school to take the spm certificate . It was really a quick trip because no one was really there . The day after , I accompanied her to my other friend's sister's wedding . So much for the drama . We talked like a lot . Wow , i never know seeing an old friend could have so much of a topic . The day when she actually sending me off , is the very day she's meeting her love one . But it was a dissapointment because i was meeting an excoursemte from terengganu and by the time i get off the car ,my friend was crying so badly because the guy she should be meeting is actually a jerk . I couldnt do anything that time but to leave her :((( im sooooooo sorry syg  . Now she's telling me that she's having an operation tonight (you never told me about this !) . I tried calling her a many times but she never picked up .What is this feeling man !? :( i'm sorry bestfriend . hope you get well soon . i love you so much . And I will always be there when you need me next time .sorry for leaving you :((((((((((((((((((

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