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Wednesday, June 9

Tuesday days out .

For definite , I was out with some college peeps to send Dyan's sister's car at KL . So we wandered around KLCC doing some stuff at kinokuniya , window shopping , checking the movie tickets while waiting for dyan's sister . But unfortunately , the time of the movie wasn't good enough to be seen . After sending dyan off to her sister ,we wandered around again and bought something from the hypermarket downstairs . Then we had picnic at the klcc park . And then we got separated because i was suppose to go back and they also have to get back to college. At the very minute we got separated , I was thinking that it was little bit too early to get home . So without thinking i bought a ticket of "killer " starring ashton kutcher and catherine heigl for myself . People might think I'm crazy but watching a movie alone was really good :)

After the movie , I took the train home and as i arrived at the ktm station at kl central. It was to full to be true . I waited almost 3hours and the train still hasn't arrived . I got fed up , I went and took a taxi home from kl central . My mom was really worried about me . luckily , i was home safe and sound :)

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