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Friday, May 28

Some path beyond .

I'm finally back in Malaysia ! Lots of updates I may say . It started when I first got my project 2 assignment (bus stop + kiosk) . Well even before that time I've already planned to follow my dad for his conference trip to Vancouver B.C of the second week of the assignment ,unfortunately the time is too short so i decided to cancel it . My lecture kept warning me about how my assignment would turn out and it annoyed me the most with me doing it alone so far away from my colleagues. As soon as I get back home , I told my parents about it . My mom was okay with it but my dad didn't really agree on me cancelling it on the very last minute . Like it or not I have to go the trip as planned . I was all wrecked but I tried doing some schedule I can follow when I'm there . I calmed myself down without having any panic disorder. LOL . So much for the therapy . After some tutorials for the assignment , the day finally come . The trip .

It was all mixed up I can't even remember which day was which . But the first thing is , We transitted at Hong Kong International Airport to another plane to Canada . We had 5 free hours to spend there . We decided to have lunch and catch some shopping (it's too early ain't it ,opps hehe ). There you go , my dad bought me shades by "marc jacobs " . Gahhhhh . It was too soon to be true . Lol I used to ask him for quality shades a long time ago but he ignored me ever since . Daayym I'm so happy I could eat a cow .

Arrivals at Canada . We waited for the person who suppose to pick us up merely for an hour already . It was too long my dad decided to take a limo to the hotel . Imagine riding a 12 feet limo with mini bars in it .

As soon as we reached the hotel . I dropped my body straight to bed because my body was all cramp of a total 20 hours flight from Malaysia . The next day we went around the city to find something to eat . We wandered around the city for almost 2 hours but we end up eating brunch at the foodcourt -.-. We had so much of an experience there . We went to the Harley Davidson's Gallery and bought some goodies there . We even went to "Grouse mountain" where they still have snows on spring and catch up a couple of wild tamed big bears on the mountain . Later that day we went to one of the tallest bridge on earth which is "Capilano Suspension Bridge ". It was made for hunting purposes .The bridge was numerously high and it was really funny seeing people who's afraid of heights screaming all the way across the bridge. And the other normal day we went for shopping and walk around the streets of Vancouver BC . I didn't exactly tell you that we went all the way from the harbour to the northshore by seabus just to get fresh lunch such as raw oysters and some other seafood(yummeyh , hehehe ). The place is rich with seaafood . I remember the first dinner in VBC I had with my dad's colleague , we ordered for rainbow trout and we thought they would only served a piece but poof , there came a giant trout which is the size of my elbow on the plate served with specaial saucee' . Everyday since, we had breakfast at the hotel eating raw smoked salmon . There's only one dish i love the most is egg benedict with raw smoke salmon . I'm addicted to it and it makes me order it for every breakfast i had (although they have buffet at the side ) . Now that's about the food . The funniest part was when we were on the way to the airport when we were actually going home :(. Okay , here is what hapenened , the taxi driver of the the taxi we're riding is actually deaf . He didn't open up the aircond for the passengers . We were strangling to death. A moment later , my dad asked for air-conditioner . My dad asked for it twice but the taxi driver looked back and didn't answer . as if nothing happened -.- are you deaf or something ??? and then i tapped him by the shoulder and ask him for air with some hand signal . But then only he open up the window (we asked for aircontioner you moron ). well that's a potential .at least we got air to breath better than not . HOMO SWEET HOMO .

As I'm in malaysia . It's not any holiday for me anymore . I rushed myself so finish up myfinal project before . I was seriously down but I manage to keep things straigta nd have a good talk with the lecturer . Thank God , the presentation was okay but I misused the time for the explanation . It means that I wasn't ready for the speech but the drawings are completed :)

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Julia Izzati AB Aziz said...

did u ask the taxi drver 4 his number??
he likes u.. :P