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Sunday, March 21

Perak -Penang trip

It was totally awesome . The food was great and i've grown really fat . haha . From Perak we went to bukit merah for a swim and some rides . awesomeness .and then we rode about 2 hours to penang ended up at ros's house eating fries while waiting for wan arief . as soon as WA called , we rushed out to the highway and went to the island for a walk and spent a night there .

The next day in the morning we woke up at 12 (morning lah sgt ), we rushed out to the toilet and it's already 1 . they charged us rm3 for 10 mins . such a bumm . then we headed out to ros's house . ros's mom made "Nasi Arab Penang " for lunch . I'm barely speechless about the taste because it was the best meal( after my mom's) i've ever had . hehe then we headed out to -carnival -around sg petani . the place is just like bukit merah but smaller and cooler . We took some picture around the area because the landscape are pretty nice . As soon as we finished the photo shooting session (haha) we went to jaya jusco not quite far from there . The jusco was really huge i could see a pavi inside it . Jalan2 there , Cuci mata and watched for Rempit v3(depa dah takda kerja lain ) cause they only have like 4 movies on screen .like wth . can't believe i watched it but it was a crappy funny moment though . the nite after the movie we went to teluk air tawar for the best char kuey tiew ! it was mouth watering and really beat up the senses . haha . we spent the night at ros's house .

Later on when the sunrise the next day , we went to ros's tok wan's house . Thought there would be somebody there but no . We ended up eating Nasi Lemak for breakfast by the beach . We ended the trip there by picking some cherries infront of ros's tok wan's house and go back feeling unguilty . haha . it was the greatest memory ever . I LOVE U GUYS TO DEATH .

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