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Sunday, March 21


There is always ups and downs between everything . when the good ones sealed to the bad ones , the life i may say , should be good , for easier thoughts , neutral . When it comes to life , people should think of both sides .But somehow it seems that life has been treating things differently when one side should win . For the people who had tried to make peace but unable to make a whole lot of it. Much respect for you . At least you have tried doing something good and that's when no one can really understand how you really feel . Losing respect for people who don't appreciate what people are hardly trying to do to make sure that life is a better living . How they feel and how they live . So please stop comparing your life to others . Stop bragging for small matters while there's apart of the people in the world are much more troublesome than you . Appreciate what you have now than what has left you behind .

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