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Thursday, April 1

Flashback :)

Wrecked up . It has been two weeks since the holiday started , had a lot of fun and excitement plus a lot of chores to do bahhh. Enjoyed meeting old folk . hanging out with soren , maryam , jue , iwien and others(u know yourselves (; ) . those are the folk i've been dying to hang out with during college period . But i havent got the chance to meet Anym . She stays just around my college area but on holidays i'm at home so its quite hard to go there in the situation of "play fetch with my bro to school " =.= . im sorry anym . it took a long time to see . i promise you in a short time we will see each other .

I spent the first week with Ms J . YEAH I wish everything could go back to normal , but its all in the past . All you have to do is have faith in yourself . If you chose what you want to live then He knows how to give the best to you . As long as i know you , you've been a great and a strong girl . I love you darling . That night we went to see tasha and bamm her some flour . Tasha2 , thanks ajak i pegi bts show me how the biz works . hehe.
The next day , we both went to iwien's house for her bbq party . It was simple and friendly . How i wished i could join em knock the birthday gal with flour but i miswore the outfit . sheesh if i was wearing a more simple clothes , it would be more hippie ! haha plus the spaghetti was yummy :9

The week after i got to date with my hubby maryam ! We spent one night of earth hour together at the curve . It was funny though . We rushed around the building just to find a belt to buy because i wasnt confident enough with the big shirt im wearing . Then we had dinner at kopitiam downstairs while waiting for the lights to turn off lol . We had nasi goreng tom yam which were A blast . We ordered another but maryam couldn't finish it because she had a problem coming and she unmood because of it . After dinner, we lit up the candle and took some pictures by the garden . It was really a moment i could smile for because we were burning while taking pictures beside the candle .She spent the night at my house . Hey haven't i told cha this Ms . Anne had wear braces . hee <3<3 The morning after , me n my family were heading to low yat (they just arrived from jakarta the day before so i felt guilty on not spending time with them )so we dropped maryam at KL sentral . Went for shooooooping at sungei wang :DD A few days after there come soren ! weee , she came to my house with her coursemate from uitm just to meet me and sleep at my house because she didn't have class the next day . So we spent time on gossiping the night . The next day she had to follow me around while i fetch my bro at school . The evening , we hanged out infront of the uitm hostel corridor for some acoustic session . heee. The worst part is ,malaysian people just can't seem to stop calling "a girl with shawls playing guitar" yuna -.- . hey i have my own identity . i have my own taste . I've been playing guitar since before i even wear a this shawl . FREAK ! haha thats for the day . at least i had fun with soren-nee-chan . The night soren decided to try another nite at my house because she missed me so much . haha . That night our new motorbike arrived and i was so excited . I have to left soren-chan for awhile to testride the bike :p it was effing cool ! then we slept in early . i love you guys scheuuuuuuu much xDD

p/s :first week ; watching how to train your dragon 3d was awesome shit ! missing you mira :D

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Anonymous said...

sorry to wien wasnt there for the party.. ;(