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Thursday, January 14

parts to parts .

I dont know where to start already , well , i've been busy for days , tired and depressed . it feels like i wasn't able to do anything . and i'm so weak . for this few days i'm really not feeling well but i try to stay strong to achieve what i have to do . yes not complaining thats what i do .it sucks i know. finished my assignments (not) smoothly .and presentation was later on yesterday . my sleep wasn't going so well and the work i've done was extremely in unsatisfy condition . all i did was wrong because there's something wrong with me . God please help me , Ya Allah . i try to be the best but i failed but luckily i tried and tried again . I'm really sorry if i can't be the best of everyone of you as humans . i have my own weaknesses . and i'm still on my journey to find what's good in me .

oh ya presentation was ok but without drawings makes me go like "aaaaa"..my life is all about education now . and i try to stay still with that .

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