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Thursday, December 31

2010 through 2009

There's so much things had happened in 2009 and there's too much to recall . 2009 is the most happening year of all . getting the biggest exam's result , making my own money , meeting new friends( a lot ) , running away from home , losing my last grand parent , trip to melbourne , entering college life , not sleeping at night for days , big fight with bestfriends , hopeless romantic , joining floorball :) , get new phone , getting my licence , toooo much . and the biggest part of all , is wearing a shawl . it is the biggest change i've ever made for myself . although i'm not fully change but at least i'm bringing myself into something good and it will goes on and on slowly . it was really hard for to accept it for the first time because anything i do is always wrong . i'm not the old me anymore . it has been devastating and jaw-dropping . gratefully , i was strong enough to let go of many things that i love . for 2010 , i wanna be a better person that i am in 2009 . i want to really really achieve my goals and start working . looking for more in 2010 . for the ones who had lighten up my 2009 , JINT's babes ,Ghillis and other who know themself . i love you guys like i'm going to be dead tomorrow .

p/s : jints imy you guys so much , sorry for the conflict .


dripping heart said...

loveee u!

Anonymous said...

i miss you hunn..where are u..?bile nk dtg culik i..?korunk...dtg ar..huhu...bored...waaaaa~