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Friday, December 25


how i miss spending time with my brothers . yeah although they're not always there for me but i like it when we siblings gather to spend time . all the 9 of us including my mom and dad . momma's not really fine , but thats okay hm. after eating dinner at 'grandmama's place' at pavi , we 7 siblings went to watch midnightmovie "vampire assistant ". freak and stupid-.- . before the movie we spend time at ami's office just above pavi . it was huge and cool . we joke around and had cofee there . how it made my day . i like it this way . but the time when they don't even care . it sucks like hell ! i don't fit in well with them but naqib's my only way .fyi , my first bro are getting engaged next week :) . i'm happy for him .

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