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Monday, November 23


i was happy. i was already fine . i worked . i found new people and i get myself busy all the time as if i don't have any problem . no one knows about it . until the day he texted me . it turned out pale. he already got a life i was way far behind . i couldn't sleep at night thinking about my feelings . i was damn confuse . i never done this before . and it is even more worse when i was about to fall for somebody else and then he came back . he shows his love . we were flings backs then . bt end up he coupled with another girl after school . i have faith in him .he gave me really high hope for 2 years. it's all fade just like that . he even make excuses that he coupled with the girl to see my reaction . but i did nothing instead. bt deep in my heart i was hurt. i didn't know where to go . so i kept myself busy with travelling ,work , lessons and many more.. i don't when will it end up . maybe i was meant to be a busy person . i already the letter i wrote . for him . for letting go of my feelings . for backing up the life i've finished so many tears . but i still am confuse, honestly .

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Anonymous said...

confuse about..?
anything to share, just buzz me dear.
btw, just to let u know, by the end of dec, i dh pindah ke putrajaya k..
gonna mishh y'allsz. seriously, the JINN need to hangout again.
i need u gurls. huhu...
nnt sush dh nk jmp.. ;( *sob~