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Sunday, November 29

one day .

the other day i was alone at home because my family went back to kampung . i didnt follow them because i got a match on saturday (i was the only keeper because john was busy ). everybody's busy with raya eid . so i took the chance to go out alone as a self relaxation day . i onlined at starbucks ou for 3 hours and discovered that meeko and the other are heading to ou also . so i waited for them . i ate unagi kebayaki and one large cup of java chip :D when they arrived we shop a little and meeko bought this leather jacket from f21 . it was hot shit and it's the last piece. lucky her .

the night later i hang out with my babies . jue ,typ and nym ! how i mish ya ! wien je ta dpt jumpa kan . then pick up efy then gerak 15 . omg -.- .. it was so damn awkward . because nym got a prob with her ex-friend(i guess) because jue was like otp with tya like a soo called bff . haha.

the next day was my match with subang rascal.
worse than before , but at least we got one goal because our team didn't have enough players that time . its like only the 10 of us .
ouh yea before this we fought against geng bintang and we got 10-2.
oh gimme a break , we're still newbies . and they've been playing like how many teen years ? haha.
ouh yea , in the match between subang rascal ,like omg , i saved so many goals as a goalkeeper and i'm feeling good . maybe because i wsn't wearing the really thick thick jersey i used to wear. i wore something light . (:

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Anonymous said...

good to hear bout ur match..hehe..bout that nyte, wow! it was like a good thing coz i got to see u since it has been a long time kite xlepak2 like that..but it was kinda awkward..kitorg gi gegar tya tuh mlm along with my sis..k.tia..hehe..
too bad wien cudnt join us huh..?
klu x, dh best dah..
keep in touch hunn..
i mish you..need to storymory..okay..?