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Saturday, December 5

segi college performance

We were already late for the big thing . haha padahal perform kat segi je . well we thought perform at 6 but asctually at 8 . so we rushed like and i was like omg omg , we're so late (semangat) . When we arrived there , i was really nervous because i thought there would be a big crowd waiting for me inside the hall (ehem -.-). but not , it was only like 30 of them . hehe . so we perform after they had their lucky draw . i sang , pelangi by izzy mohamed , kukatakan dengan by peterpan and decode by paramore . we had fun on stage . its like a jamming session because we werent really ready . followed by bean , meeko ,naufal and the others.norm . but at least i got the fun there :D


Anonymous said...

gud to hear it was great ;)

raksasa wien ;) said...

gahhh . best nea dpt perform (: hee . btw, what's wrong with ju and nym ? dorg ade prob ke darla ?