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Saturday, October 31

hornets vs. rascals .

rascals is such a great team man , they have played floorball for like 7-8 years i guess , or maybe moree.. even their youngest member is only 8 years old man ! fyi


yeah we lost .. but we lost for being a noob , a beginner , it's our very first time tagging a team like that . even the captain's stick was broken , and some of my team mates were injured badly because they were superb , ouh yeah , havent i told you about the keeper? well, usually they will send sue , the real keeper who's basically a pure floorball player from sweden . but today she's not here but they send off another keeper from local , a girl who really looks like a guy . i ws really nervous because it was a tough team . john was sick so he couldnt catch so much balls back then ,their only hope was me . but i ws not fast enough to catch their ball . i even fell down several time because they plane crashed on me. such a big experience to remember though today ..better luck next time :)

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