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Saturday, October 31

Charismatic ,

for the first time i've been taken care by a guy with boobs in a salon . such an experience . it was after we went to pkns to renew my passport because we're going outstation around the corner.
and then i was thinking of atiqah my pet sis , because she's taking sewing course here in pkns , so i contacted her and we get together to have lunch .and the most shocking part is.............. she's engaged !!! at the age of 19 . her fiance' and her never had any realtionship before as couples ,they like each other and on the spot they had gotten engage. she was really happy when i met her .awh so good to be her. but i still got a long journey to go baby ! nea nea nea , ur life isn't about marriage , not yet , it's about rock and roll bay bayhh ;p

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