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Monday, October 26

Round up.

The other i went and meet soren at section 2 , shah alam . she wanted some stuff for her visual arts . it went out so well and on the same day naurah ajak gi cheras because she wanted me to accompany her to her bf's house .hehe. she was damnn nervous , ( i was thinking that i could straight go to pudu from cheras to pick ika up ).. then off we go to cheras from shah alam.. we waited for nau at McD btho about half an hour and went off to pp's house and ate kambeng ! xDD

on our way home , i speed a little to mcd , but then when i u-turned SLOWLY , the mcflurry i bought from mcd before spurged on soren's sketches and stuff.. i was like wtf ???? i stopped the car on the side of the road. soren was screaming to death ! OMG OMG . then we went straight to nau's house to clean up the mess(sorry ika kete u kne mcflurry,huhu) ,soren was in a really bad mood since that .sorry !! dammn.

it was around 5 .and at that time ika was still in JB ! u said at 2!! and i have to be home at like 10 .huhuhu. okok , u got some probs looking for the bus rite ..
i told ika i will wait for her in shah alam and pick her up at the ktm station .i ate dinner with soren at pkns until around 9.30 pm and send her to the bus stop because soren has her curfew at uitm. then at the bus stop we were thinking , ika couldn't make it to the ktm if she arrives at pudu around 10 ..then i called ika and she's still at nilai . then i told her to stop around our collge area because i don't know the way to pudu (actually -.-).. 20 minutes later , soren is still with me ,huhu, gotta step on her curfew just to accompany to pick ika, and lola's with her . then ika called saying that she's around serdang .. then off we go serdang speeding (we got lost for awhile actually -.-) .haha.

from there i send soren to uitm puncak perdana , and end up at ika's house sleeping because i drove the car the whole day man.

the next morning using ika's car, we went to the ktm station to drop lola off..then go to ika's house again . at ika's , my bro called and said that my dad was in serious anger that i didn't came home the night before. he told me go home at the exact time . i was really down that time . it feels like i don't wanna go home because before this i had done soo many bad things to my dad . and that cause him to he even shoo me out of the house , took my phone and all.. i really don't want it to happen again . i want his trust back , i had tried for this several month and i got the laptop and blackberry .thnk you dad . but now i messed up again .he wants the blackberry and laptop back . hope everything's going to be fine . this time i'm innocent ;)

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Soren MN said...

Honey, I love you~~~~~~~

And yes, I do admit, I was in a bad mood but hey, Mr Suhaimi likes my drawings!!!! XD