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Saturday, October 24

day one of floorball selangor league.

salibandy vs hornetts 4-4

griffin vs rascals 13-3

i'm on hornetts team .

Well as i sprankled my feet last wednesday day at um . not on the training session but after finished training at the toilet after i changed my clothes. =.= and today is the very day for the match. really nervous that i couldn't do well so i told my coach the truth . then he set off the other goalkeeper to play for the first half . when it's my time ,6 minutes before game , i was excited but my leg was still injured . i try and try and i saved many goals . but when my feets started hurting , i lost 2 goals T.T .... and my coach ask me to change back with the other goalkeeper who is actually the captain of the team ! thanks johnn ! :)
i really enjoy the game today .

next stop : subang rascals

goosh even griffin (kliuc senior floorball players ) pun kalah terok . hornetts we can do it !

p/s : after the match we went straight to billy's house , his mom made laksa and it was yummy :D(thnk you ).. at first we told him that we weren't coming to make it as a surprise.. then he opened up the door smiling with excitement .haha. and then we went off to the side of the hill to see the view in the evening,from above puteri 12 ,puchong . i came here before already at night and it was beautiful as it was.

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