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Tuesday, October 20

sneak-sheesh-out !

10.30 pm ..

ika_cun : nea i feel like cryin
ika_cun : hate it when he do this to me..
ika_cun :he stole my heart ...

prefectional : ye ye ika.
prefectional : shisha jom
ika_cun : haha
prefectional : jom ah
ika_cun : BABI
prefectional : i'm serious
ika_cun : ye ke ?
prefectional : yeee
ika_cun : SIAL KO
ika_cun : AKU TERKENE
prefectional : betol la wey
ika cun : yr dad tk mara
prefectional : die g indon
prefectional : cepat siap
ika_cun : kk i mandi jap
prefectional : i'll text u

15 minutes later..

haaa, finally arrived at rico's place.. located in section 13 , shah alam , kafe zarah.
met rico and abg roni ! gosh how i miss themm !!! it has been like 6 months.. we ordered for grape mint and it's a shiznit !ika layan dah mcm stoner seyhhh :D .. anyway glad i could cheer you up syg :) xoxo

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