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Monday, October 19

holiday day day.

second day of it . so hell bored . you will see me online like 24 hours .haha . fetching my bro at school. eat . sit on the treadmill . watch tv . play guitar . read a book . practice some sketches. online . sleep . the same good old things.

and can't wait for this saturday , my second floorball match with salibandy . wheww, and and then movie with nopal and mira ! :DDDD
i miss you guys !

and lidya is coming home today , we'll meet soon k baby !! <3

and jue , iwien , nym , we should gather. it's all messed up. and i don't know which is which . /:

soren maryam i miss you like fat damnit !

jamie , me want perfume me want perfume , i'll text ya ;D

ika sial ko gi tgk jennifer's body tanpe aku ! haha

i miss my friends already :(

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