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Saturday, October 10

My lil hubby bro just had a bad day .

Just got back from ikea ,every weekend should be ikea for my dad. huhu. getting bored of it already but today was quite interesting. I saw the name "billy" a lot of time ,haha ! ceh market siot. It's actually a product name of an ikea item, a bookshelf. (don't get excited billy ),It has been designed last 30 years. Its anniversary. :D

missing my ghillis already, tomorrow jumpa lagi !
not forgetting my babes and besties <33

oh oh , and one more story in ikea , well guess what ? when I just got out from the surau for maghrib prayers , I saw my other younger bro laughing , ok its weird so I just laugh it off . but then suddenly when i looked down i saw my baby bro was crying so badly.. he even screamed in the toilet.i asked why why an why ? then my other younger celaka bro laughed and said "his little $#$% just got stucked by the zipper".. I was like WTF???? i know how it hurts a lot. I try to get him to the toilet but he kept on crying and crying because it was a girl's bathroom.haha. how cute ! so I called for emergency , my dad. He reached us as lightning(with a scissor =.=).. baby was scared to death.but finally daddy get to pull off the zipper off his $#^%... (:

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