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Monday, October 12

gombak setia.

After lunch time , I went to Gombak Police station with my younger brother.

For what ? to report about my missing purse , pdhl dh lame hilang. but i decided to take cover that it's missing aroung genting , haishh pndai2 je.. When I reported it there, they told me to just report it at your area. you don't need to go this far to report . I was like -.-" , It's still th same !!!!!!! gosh life sometimes is about lying to get yourself out but what goes around still comes around.huuhu.

and when i settled the police report , i went to jabatan pendaftaran thingy for my ic and they said i must pay rm210 for the renewal =.="........... but................ there's still a but , well i get to pay for like 50% if i have a student card.. that's the advantage. yeay !

off to college tomorrow afternoon . anda mau ikut ? :p

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