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Saturday, October 10

Hold on tight.

i was attracted by how writers write their stories. brilliant . it's all about life anyway . It feels like I'm the only one outdated besides human world. I just get to know what blogging really do. it's like being the jounalist of your life .I sounded pathetic. but It really gives a hell out of me.

I'm already on sem-break . oh great i lost my purse with cash and important cards inside it. how careless. and guess what ? it's my second time. Honestly , I'm a really really careless person. I don't take things for granted. but this time I didn't lose it like I did before. I remembered when was the last time I hold it and touch it and loving it ! lol Everything feels like a payback for what I've done before. It scares me how He shows us how life would turn off when you did something bad . What goes around comes around huh. but this time it's really a pain in the ass to go for another photoshoot( haha model much ),another report , another trip to jabatan kewarganegaraan , jpj , maybank , cimb bank ,warghhh...>.<

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