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Friday, October 9

solero yumm

for the first time pegi naek genting (dan maen kat themepark ngan dak klas sume.) it was freaking great ! it's been a long time since I ride any rollercoaster. now its time for me to lose the stress..*scream bebeh !!!! * x sangke pulak wan sinyu ikut skali.. cepat btol die blushing..mcm budak kecik kot ! last2 kan bab bahan orang die yg lebih2. hahah...walupun terbengang jap , but at least get to spend time with my ghillis..and one more . like YaAllah , ika , u boleh nangis naek solero shot? i tot u like rollercoasters.. i x sgke gila kot.hehe , experience la babe !!

and and ya , for the first time in my life inside a rollercoaster when we were high above , the system blacked out. there were thousand described in my head , i thought the rollercoaster would crash backwards. how freaky it is huh.

then there's this time kitorg sumbat sume 9 org dlm stu box karaoke.. perghhh mmg sempit but besh .

there's this one time i was left alone inside the car sleeping in coldness , then the car alarm bebrbuunyi mcm sial. kuat gile kot ! tmbh lagi ika bengang and terjerit2.. lagi aku xleh nk tido .

it's all about "there's this time "

last2 gi lepak old town drank white cofee... and get a chance to see the sunset from genting. how nice.....


dripping heart said...

HAHAHA BABI KO TULIS PSL NANGIS TU. isk2 sapa la ika tuh kan. sian dieee. hahahaha

Nadiana Najib said...

hahahaha . alamak lupe nk buat initial S.. daymn.. ala lek ar ,it's too hard to be forgotten.. ;D