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Sunday, September 27

Raya raya

All the way , me and my family went home to terengganu for 3 days.. it was normal. not as great as last year because my grandma passed away this early year. i ate sooo much that my stomach could bloatt.. urghh.. i have to my diet all over again =.=

then we balik shah alam... only for one day , then without resting we went off to penang for my brothers proposal to her girlfriend. at that time only I realize my first brother is actually a sweet guy. haha. slame ni SWEET ke ngan aku ? well yeaaa , he's the nicest bro i had of all 6.. finally having a sister in law :DD

ouh yea at penang we got a room which is similar to my birthdate. excited but bilik tuh jugak aku baring dan tido sebab kene food poisoning and demam panas. orang lain gi dinner aku dok dlm bilik. org lain gi buffet breakfast, aku dok dlm bilik.. sedeyhh but sekarang sudah pulih sepenohnyaaa :D

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