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Monday, September 14

haven't u heard?

Last 2 days i went out to midvalley alone (just to have dinner with one of my bestie , maryam ) . Well , firstly i thought she's already there waiting for me but when i called her , she's at bukit bintang. i was like " whatttttttt?" .i'm all alone. thankfully , she told me erin was there with her colleagues. i met her around the escalator with packages of Mcd's meal and they were still looking for a place to break-fast. It was so crowded back then. I didn't even even have a chance to buy food. We walked and walked and we found one empty ,so we quickly reached the table. I break my fast by drinking blast cappucino. like ZOMG ! mm. dah habis2 sume tuh . diorg ckp nak balik. lagi la alone doe =.= . when i walked alone i bump into my other friend pulak ! it's like God is giving me sign to meet them at mid. hehe . then that night i wanted to go back at college but it's too late a night already and there would be no bus to college after 11. but then my friend whom i suppose to meet that evening called me and ask whether i could just sleep at her house to redeem her guilty feelings before. so i took the train to kajang and waited there alone. It's like really awkward to me because it's my first time there. as i wait , i felt like something is looking at me. it scares me a lot. when my friend arrived , everything turn out so calm and relief. that night i slept at her house.

p/s : tonight griffin vs. hornetts rematch . go hornetts go !

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babynym said...

what a day u had here hunn..
hehe..alone but meeting people who u don't plan to meet..huhu...
i mishhhh yyyaaaa.... ;(