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Sunday, September 27

Vote for PAH dehh

today semangat nak pergi rumah naufal . anak presideng pati pas . ade bnyk juadah2 di sediakan. i got ready in the morning already but end up , my dad forced me to follow him to damansara .(tah buat ape pun aku taktau). he purposely ask me to join him because he doesn't want me to go to a friend's open house =.= . . mcm ape je..huhu..naufal's open was around 2 but we arrived at his house almmost at 6..i had speed up using ika's car though.. perghh , ika tuh kalau jerit no.1 . dh la telinga aku saket .(well here's the story , i was picking my earholes with cottonbud, but the cotton went inside. i didn't know how to get it out (,i already used water , i used the bud without the cotton,)so i leave it for two days, then it feels painful inside my ear , and it feels like bleeding, so i quickly went to see the doctor. the doctor used a sharp long tiny metal to get it inside my ear. firstly it felt really painful but then when he took out the cotton , haa, how i feels good ! hahaahahah.)ok back to naufal's open house , perrghh rumah kau naufalll.. really angelic and cleannnnn. mcm rmh orang2 x bersalah....sungguh besar dan indah . bagai rumahku syurgaku.. and you know what i get from there ..guessss whoooooooooooo????????????