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Friday, August 28

wake up everyone.

It 6.45 in the morning and just got back from jamming and teros pegi sahur ngan faiq , meeko , nopal ngan fathul(hey fathul nice to meet you :) ).. besh pulak jamming kali ni. nopal ade sume lagu slow die bwk screamo from jason mraz to yuna..

i mish my butterflies.. jue (drummer,unikop), soren (keyboard player,uitm shah alam ), iwin (my baby bassist, form 6 ) and and lidya ! (our vocalist, matrix perak)... gosh bila nk jam lgi u guys?? soren ni , time nk jam je die xde..

oh ya , i just knew that sopi is in KL already. he'll be celebrating merdeka day here. i wanna meet him like badly , like i still can't accept the fact that he's already transfer to another college. apelah kau sopi !! i'm really confuse now. should i go home first or just stay at hostel to meet him.

ate the best thosai todayyy ;DD

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