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Thursday, August 27

So weird it's right

Well i considered yesterday was quite a lucky day for me. We stayed up at the studio until like 6 am n we got class like at 8.50.. as i get back to my room , i planned not to sleep because it will be hard for me to get up. haha. but then i slept ! luckily , billy texted me(thnks <3) saying that there's a presentation going on. and i'm up next. i was like "heeeeeeeeeeelll ".. i told sha that the presentation was on that day but she refuses it's not. when i smpai je klas, org dh tgh present kat depan.huhu. i tried to talk to ustaz but he said just submit the folio so marks will be deducted 5%. T.T . when class had finished , we submitted the folio n tried to persuade ustaz about our late-coming-to-class. we told him that one of our group members is not as responsible. sha ngan i je yg buat bende tuh. i was quite ,not quite , daymnnnly effing pissed off with him actually . u think u're the one who had all the probs!?? kitorg pun ade prob lagi besar dri ko tau x! ko je tatau. itula namenye selfish !

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