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Monday, August 31

Happy Merdeka Day..

I heard that sopi's coming to town after he moved back to his place from here.. we missed him a lot ... can't believe u're not here anymore.. today i came back early to hostel hoping that i can meet sopi with the others. but then he texted me he's not sure whether his troop is going to alamanda or sogo. if its alamanda it could be easier for us to meet him. unfortunately , the troop he's in is going to sogo for a shopping.. maybe it's not the right time anyway.. see u another time sopi besut ganung n good luck! missing u already... :(

last night we went out on the hillside around 11.45pm before merdeka day., me n anym.. while we were waiting for the fireworks LOL. all we talked about is jue... and iwin.. ya u guys bgado kan.. about adie.. i rase psl bnde ni u guys x patot gado la..masing2 dh besar.. pndai2 amek tujuan hidup sendiri.. and jue , u nk ajr ape lagi dkt wien. die ade mak bapak yg sempurna nk ajr die so just leave things the way it is.. u got ur own life to handle... i heard u want fairuz n wien to be together, it's not like wien suke fairuz balik.. it's like ur story with azam la. if the guy have feelings towards the girl , n the girl can't like him back for some reasons,worthless.. it's not love anymore...and love tak boleh dipakse.. it comes by itself.. i know u have so much experience in life. sadness , loneliness, love.. but us , kitorg pun ade life jugak but different than yours..

and one more u said u're losing ur bff?i don't like the word. i am still me. i'm no different.. sometimes bff have to give space to each other. bukannye x nak jumpa, masing2 dh masok college life. biasa la sume bz. cuti sem kan ada. kite bukan budak2 lagi. it's time to think rationally, psl wien ngan azim. tu mistake die. and she learnt from it. die pun x sgaje psl mahkota tuh. u can't blame her. things happen..now die ngan mcm moving smooth . so just be it. biar je org permainkan perasaan kite coz what goes around comes around... from that on we will learn the hard way.

soren . jue . wien .mrym . lid. nym. <3

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tasneem abdul rashid said...

<33 u too hunn..
take care tau..
hope kite sume blh jmp and chill togther soon..
get things right !
take care aite..