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Friday, July 3

New Mind , Get Real.

It has been 3 weeks since i enter my new world of college life .Yeah How i sound pathetic but it's still new to me. New friends , new things to do , new place and i won't even think an inch of what's happening outside(unless i go out). It's not like i'm forgetting all my friends and memories before( i won't forget them) , but the truth is i can't focus two things at once. That is what I am. And yeah guys , it has been 3 weeks since i'm wearing tudung .I was totally different back then. A lot of challenges(godaan syaitan) had come to initialize but then i keep on going no matter how far could it be. It doesn't mean i can't join the rough sports team if I'm like this , it doesn't mean i can't play the guitar if I'm like this , it doesn't mean i can't meet with a lot of people if i'm like this . and yes, i do know my limits.

Well since i'm talking about my college life , i've join floorball(find it in youtube yourself) , uemc (some event management club) , && drum circle !Evrything seems so cool n new to me. I'm looking forward in learning new things. And i have 4 assignmentsalready for this week which i have to submit next week. Wow , it is just the first serious week . What about next week and so on. Ouh I'm taking diploma in architecture anyway. It's a long way to be an architect . Diploma(3 years) , and mybe if i get good grades i'll further my study to aussie as a bachelor student.I'm gonna end up there about 6 year to finish my part 2. Then i'll work like 2 years until i take the part 3 exam. focus focus ! no more fooling around . this is serious. Architecture? is it something to do with good in drawing. well i don't think so. it's the matter of how u design a space to walk around and end it up on a piece of paper. two professional career , a design architect or a project architect? it sounds so random but u see ,it takes a decade to be one. and the lecturer himself said to us that marry yourself before u can't get married. U'll be super duper busy later. Yeah i believe in that. one thing is too focus. I really don't wanna fire up any faulty hopes to my parents again.

this is where i live here in my college.

yeah i took the single room. it's good though. so much privacy. but it's quite bored . and what a fortunate i got my laptop . red and blue theme. i was thinking about all red theme. but things do goes upside down or half way down.haha. wtv. guess i'm going to continue doing my assignment so that i won't be spending my time on the line so much.

p/S : my very first sight of the true match of floorball at sport plaza tomorrow.
i'l note as many points as i can lol.

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