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Thursday, July 16

What if i wanted to stay.

1. It has been a normal week . practice floorball until i missed my drum circle practice. doomed. Yesterday we went training in UM and it was my first time being a goalkeeper.huahua. Like i was totally nervous and dont know what to do. and then i started trying. i defend n defend the ball from the goal. there it was. There's a lot of people there i could learn from. And the result i get was " hey , u're very good for a beginner ".. suki dessu !!

2.Last sunday i brought a lot of things to hostel. My guitar , make up table , badminton racket , Lk set , mini chair ,lamp and so on. wow how exhausting. at least my room is a lil more fun than before because i have my guitar with me (^^,).. nothing cn stop me from playing it.

3.Ouh last week , i suppose to meet my parents at bb to go home. by the time i reached bb , i got worned out with no money . i was starving like hell. then i went to delifrance and i watched my boss my hero the series.
it was damn funny n all i could buy was mineral water n a piece of bread. a moment later... my stomach keeps growling and i immediately ordered for spicy chicken wings and lime juice yaw! u know how it feels..haaa. but WAIT !! I GOT NO MONEY !! haha. i was waiting for my parents like crazy. i forced them to come to delifrance n they asked me why? i was like, just come i'll tell u guys later.. then there they are. that is the reason why i love my family so much!! when they arrived , "haa , mama , nk duit , nk byr mknn" hahaha. siot je kn. my mum was like, "Astaga ! nape x betau awl2, boleh masokkn dlm akaun" . it turned out to be a joke . ouh ouh n guess what? one of my cousins are working there and i didn't even recognize him at all until my mommy n daddy came , what a funny day !

4. About one of my assignment , last week , we were suppose to do a 3D model of circulation. i was excited and i give all my heart to do it but at the end of the day it turned out to be sooooo ugly, and i was bragging like hell because the next day suppose to be the presentation. but Thank God we dont have to present on that day because of the class request.phew. so she give time until the next week. i was thrilled. then i try my best to fiix it buy buying a colour paste(white) . then i painted it but it became worse !!!! i donno what to do because i'm already out of time. i should've made a new one instead of painting it. damn .the very day we should be presenting , everybody's #D was like so damn cool n i'm feeling so left out.then the lecture ask us to hang the 3D we made on the ceiling. we all hang it like nothing would happen but guess what?? my 3D model was the first one which fell down on the floor and got destructed awfullyt.then goes the other 3 person's 3D.i knew i'm not going to get good grades like this. but this is my first time n i'm telling myself that i'm going to do well next time. Amin.

Tonight i'l go 2 the floorball practice again as a goakkeeper,it's very tiring ya. but i'l try keeping myself to it because i'm starting to be addictive ya . hoping the next day could be better...

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