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Thursday, June 11

It shows.

Last 2 days was the very first day i started wearing a tudung ,to be honest . Yeah , i don't know why but it just came into my heart and whispered me to change somehow. i Went out to OU with my pet sis , jue and iwien and that's when i meet jaja , a very good friend from myspace .She's very warm and friendly. She even treat us with lunch . Thank God i can still meet her before i go to college and before she goes to PLKN. For the first day , it was still ok. but the second day just knock my head off. I went out with jus and iwien. Well we were suppose to go out jamming but it was close til 3 pm. Then we decide to go for karaoke . We scream most of the song we sing(hardcore la sgt !haha!). The time we finished karaoke about 3.15pm, the jamming place opened. At first,i didn't want to because my mum's gonna pick me up at 4 because we're picking my dad up at the airport(he went to singapore). but then they persuade to just go for half an hour and i said ok. I really wanted to jam but something is bothering me so much. I am really awkward when i jam that day. i really can't. I know it but i just can't say it. when the half an hour finished i ask jue to stop and i ran out without saying goodbye then i ended up paying the jamming payment for a sorry and before jue came out i speed up to the escalator because my mom had arrived long ago to pick me up. nonsense reason but i just cant see the look of her face. i knew she'll be sad. but i just can't accept jamming for this first few day. it's really awkward.Sorry JUE n WIEN !

Tomorrow would be my last day here. On saturday i would be in college. KLIUC here i go ! nervous wrecked.


Julia Aziz said...

it's okei..
i fhm..
dun wanna loose u babe..
syg kowt u..

tasneem abdul rashid said...

glad you guys worked it out..
i miss you and gonna miss jue real soon lorh!
so sad...*sob~

raksasa wien ;) said...

changed it syg (: