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Sunday, May 3

What else?

Yeah , he took my phone,he took my life, he took my friends , he took my smile ..he even took his maxis broad band i'm using. Currently  i'm stealing the wireless from one of the neighbours .lol.
the speed is like shit. I'm an outgoing person.going out is like air to me.since i can't go out,i keep calling my friends about what's hot outside.It's not like a sin or something.IT's just gossiping.but then he took my phone to avoid me from the outside(has been a week). I need outside.I'm miserable enough already.very very.i'm choking.it's like i'm dying.senseless....I'm his only rose among 6 beatles..what's wrong with that?keep calling me useless n stuff.i can't bear with it any longer.my heart keeps breaking.it's very fragile indeed. i dont know when will this end.thanks for hurting me.thanks for making me miserable.

I'm looking forward to college life.they'll see what i'm really doing but they can't do any thing of it because it's not school anymore.i'l study really2 hard n smart.i'l go to aussie !i promise that. in the mean time i'l experience what's life behind the students n what's life inside of me. I just have to stand just a little longer.chill nea :)

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