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Wednesday, May 6

A cool used-to-be friend of mine.

who are u to judge our friendship?don't u know whats the meaning of friends?go home and find the meaning la wei backoff bitch u don't have the rights to said like that get a life and find your very own friend loser thank you :)
Wow a very good friend indeed. Well we just met once before this.She's judging me as if she knows me fo 9 years.haha ! MAYBE she is just so obsess with her 9 years frenship with this guy who WAS formally my best fren's boyfren. I told the guy "sometimes u have to let ur frenship go in order to live happily with ur partner"..i siap tulis SOMETIMES lagi ! but mamat tu plak x hbs2 nk bangge2kn kwn 9 thn die tuh over my best fren iaitu his GF ! wtf ? gile childish. nk buat jeles ke hape? no use la weyhh...ok that was over oredi coz my fren tuh dh break ngan die.
ok talking about the issue that she just called me "bitch" ? while before this die yg seronok sgt ckp i baek n ske kwn ngan i. I'm an open-minded person so i x kisah lah dgr masalah die. i texted the gurl oredi n now we don't know each other anymore.then td i cald the guy becoz jue was sooo damn pissed off(she dropped cursing messages to him) but i decided to call him instead.here goes :
nea : weyh nick jonas.
nick jonas : ermmm sape nie?
nea : nea nih ko pehal cibai sgt ah.
nick jonas :ha? pehal ko ni?
nea : xde asl ko mrh bff aku yg xde kene mengene psl jessica simpson(nick jonas's bff)?
nick jonas : la mslhnye jessica simpson tuh bff aku. ni ur bff yg cri psl so i cri die lahh.
nea : waahah ! bile mase plak bff aku yg cri psl ? ko ni suke blame org je keje ,diri sndiri x pk !
mslhnye jessica simpson tuh yg cri psl ngan aku .so ni mslh aku ngan jessica simpson ! ko sndiri pernah ckp kat jessica simpson yg jgn masuk cmpur hal ko ngan bff aku time korg gado. asl skrg ko plak nak sebok hal kitorg???
nick :xde aku nk settle kn hal ni gi jumpe bff ko mlm ni gak.nk ckp kat parents die.
i was like FUCKK. pehal plak nk libatkn parents kn !
ko tuh jantan ke janda nk maen repot2 kat parents nih.
nea :pehal lak nk dtg umh bff aku? ape ko boleh buat?
settle kn hal aku ngan jessica simpson.bnde dh settle lah weyhh.ko x pyh nk tunjok hero ko tuh kat bff 9 thn ko tuh . xde maknenye nk libatkn parents. telur dh xde ke x boleh settel sendiri !
nick : emm emm, ok lah klu dh settle aku x dtg mlm ni.
nea : ha tau pun ..ok ok..
nick : ha lgi stu apsal jue tu biadap sgt ha?
nea : haha biadap, sape yg biadap skrg !!!!
then i on the spot bgi phone kat jue.
jue shouted.
then the guy threatened that he's goin to come to my bff house gak mlm tuh.
td dh settle boleh plak ungkit balik. cibai !
then jue exploded..
bang bom bang boom bang kebabbooom !
(display only :p)
wah fireworks yg sungguh cantik pemandangan nye.
nick jonas : emm emm ok ok ok i x dtg.
huhu.so much for being a hero!
bff --->>i love you as much as i love the moon
without u,there wont be any pathway for me to walk in the night time .
so i'll always be here for u not like jessica simpson tau nk tgk je bff die gado ngan gf but x tlg.
humans r made to improve themself by having moral support by other human.
nick jonas,u should've have not taken my words negatively. i wasn't talking like an empty can.
there's a vision besides wht i'm talking.which is a good one.but u ruined it.
thk u :)

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