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Sunday, April 26

How are you?


Well , today's a normal day for me unlike yesterday. Last 2 nights my dad took my phone again for the second time. My friend was doing supersaver after midnight .He doesn't like it when i'm gayut-ing with my friends and what's wrong with that? it's not like i'm talking to a guy or something (say it !) because i NEVER ever had a bf before ! they are all my friends, (the one yang selalu call la) soren, julia , lidya,maryam etc .they are my bestie .they are always here for me.so that's why i'm always there for them. i can survive without my phone but i can't survive thinking about how my friends survive with their problems.hmm. am i a friend-freak? i don't think so.i remember how they helped me when i ran awy from home for merely 4 days. that was the first time my dad took my phone away from me. i thought i will never come back. but my mom had persuade me to come back cause sh'e quite sick and ask me to drive her to the hospital.as i get back,she said nothing about being sick.i was fooled and it was my mom.

ok back to the topic before, after the day when my dad took my phone away for the second time, my dad ask me to follow him to a place(he was excited),i faked that i'm going to the dentist because i'm meeting kathy(wangsa maju) from my used to be school at sacc mall.she was babbling about this advertising business where you get money everyday.i was numerous about it.i didn't want to follow my dad because of that and kononnye merajok tak dapat phone balik. haha ! after my family drove away,i was alone at home without my phone. then i went to julia's house right away because i was alone and bored and needed transport to see kathy. by the time i reached julia's ,she was well-prepared.it's like we have instinct that we're going out . she wanted to take some pasprt size photo for her college registration.we went out around 12.30 . but i never meet kathy that day because her car brokedown.but i met nani(ex-colleague) n fatin(nani's fren),so we decided to hang out than waiting for kathy without reason.we went back around 10pm , hang out at zarah cafe for several hours for shisha before that. jue kan minat mamat shisha kat situ ,sape namenye? rico ! ;p
then jue went out again after she droppd me home to hang out with our other bestie with big problems ,nym ! (just got back from uitm malacca) (and sory nym ta dpt tolong u) :(
iwin pown dh lame x lpk,bru baek denggi kn ! take care sayang !!

Ouh yea ! talking about today,my mom told me about yesterday, they went to an architectural firm(which im really interested in without telling me !)they have so much project to demonstrate.damn i missed it! and my dad was planning to buy me a small car too but my mom told me that i blew it all away. it's not like it's my fault,they are the one who planned without saying a thing to me tambah2 lagi smlm org tu merajok kan(me lahh tu !):p. my dad's an ego person ,he never wanted to pujok me when i merajok. guess he doesnt want to spoil me then.but i really need that attention! ouh n my dad went off to penang jugak rini for a business trip.kinda freedom but i have works to do.and lacking out of money.

first thing in the morning :

1. water the plants and make breakfast.

2.send my younger bro,nazif to school (7.30 am)

3.then go for a jog.

4.take my youngest bro,naqib from islamic school (10.30 am)

i take turns with naqib's friend's mother.

she'll send them off to school.

while my job is just to take them home from school :)

5.take nazif at school (2 pm)

6.free 4 hours.

7.then take naqib at school (6pm)

8.play badminton or foot ball with naqib's gang :p

(main ngan dak2 kecik.)

9.prepare dinner if i have to.

10.tutor naqib n nazif(8 pm onwards.)

It was last 3 day when i was asleep, my mom woke me up and tell me to fill up form.i was so sleepy until i saw the word KLIUC.i was automatically awaken because it's about my future.lol.but why KLIUC? firstly my dad told me to enroll limkok wing or ucsi.but i would say no to that because it's too expensive(lkw esp.). then now kliuc.how weird! ouh he knows the president there,mohamad noor something2,his old folks..no wonder he's interested in that college.the next morning he told me to get ready by 10am.he was about to take me there for a trip ONLY.soon as we reach there.he was asking around like he's really going to put me there.the secretary of the office showed us around the college,the cafeteria,the hostel,the hall etc. it wasn't that bad.i've been to worse.bt then i wasn't quite sure about entering the college because it was all so sudden.when my dad asked me about my opinion ,i just nodded but didn't say yes.then he straight away withdraw some money from the atm and paid the registration .i was like WTH?? -_-"""",,huhu..so much for MY future. but at least the course that i'm going to take is my own interest, architecture :) . that confirmed my future study place. i realy want to study hard this time .but all i ever want is just hve fun at this last moment but i nvr had real fun before ,it's all fake by sneaking.i'm saying this because i'l be serious when i start studying. i've always be serious.i just wished that i could be real but what could i say ,human are hypocrites .

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