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Sunday, April 5


It's been so many days since i stopped working. and it's been soo many days since i haven't went out with my frens. The days i felt are getting bored n bored n bored. I've been thinking what university should i enroll. I was thinking about twintech cause lidya wanted to rent a house around there,n study there too.we could both part-timely start our music journey. i wnt to take architecturing soo badly!

my salary is like a bad ass shit!

dun hve much money.

got beat up by the person whom i love.

hv 2 ran away from home. sick of it !

tearing my tears apart.

thought i found mr.right.

but he was so not right.


but all i could do is just smile.

i've been through so many things.

i just wouldn't tell people.

because i'm not a talkative type.

i hve fun hanging out n laugh with my sayangs.

but staying at home.

i like staying inside an empty dark room.


be strong nea be strong..

thx to my looney tunes :DD






they helped me out..
thx sgt2,,
i will just laugh when i hve problems.

ask me ask me!
i like people asking about me !

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lidyarusli said...

haih panjang sngt ar nk bace sakit mate ar haha