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Wednesday, April 1


I thought everything would change after spm.but its a whole disaster.after i got my result,it's a muc much disaster to tell. I got only 2 a's.english n math.the other are credit n i got the worst in chemistry n physics. dmost killer subject.i love physics actually.i studied like crazy before spm(if u u dun trust me just ask any of my fren at skool).then when the time comes,i was playing a fool n hope that spm can b ovr fastly,,i need freedom that time.then when i know all this was just a trick frm my parents,i decided to work n find freedom.i was sooo free that time(last 2 month).i like it a lot..but sooner i realize that i overused it until 4 to 5 am.no wonder my dad has gone mad at me.My mom was blaming julia like crazy but it was just me since..*sighes..it's not HER fault!
it's my parents.they who made me like THIS!!

when darkness ends tonight..
it ends tonight.....

i didn't do it on purpose,i was hella depressed with how my parents treated me after i've start working. i didnt have any pocket.i seldom eat outside.i borrowed money frm people.blaa.here's the point,if i'm working i got all the freedom n i get to go to a lot of places by car(farest bb,kl)huhu.jus got my licence though.but without money.i don't care bout it coz i had so much fun.but now...i've resigned,n living the same life i'm having before that is staying at home with money but without freedom n happiness.which one would u choose?my life is sick.

coz we belooong togeeether now yeah..

ouh ya anyway,besides my nose,i've pierced my eyebrow,it was ok ,not that painful..heh.my parents didnt know bout it until one day my mum was like "OMG what that on ur eyebrow??"i was like"errr"..then she laughed like crazy i duno why,then she come up with a joke"u just got ur nose pierceed,then ur eyebrow,wht next?u're celebrating thaipusam??"i was like "lol -_-"..i ignored her expression fully hoping that i cud be happier.i found a lot of people since i worked at PIZZA HUT.. a lot of wonderful people but some of them sucks!yeah,that's how life should go..

to be continued.......

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