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Tuesday, January 13

a haha life.

It's been 2 weeks since i logged in.ouh my blog darling don't u miss me. Apparently,I've been staying at home feeling like a pig.I really wna go out somewhere but the problem is i don't hve any transport and my parents wouldn't allow me to go out.it sux. they alredy told me that i can whatever i like after spm,but the main thing is study.i already study ok!!!wht else do u want from me?? Just wait til i can drive my car i'll go crazy.

Gosh another crisis coming up. I suppose to go to FLOPS gath n KLPAC art fest(well i want to) this sunday but the thing is my parents are going back to our hometown for election. I'm going nuts right coz i always wanted to go to an art fest. lame me! i know...which one shud i choosse?i'm quite closed wth my cousin there and it's been a long time since i met her.My dad would've want me to follow them. He would start scolding if i even argue something with him.Can someone please help me stand up to myself!! They wouldn't here my opinion.They always think that i have no right to speak coz i'm still a teenager.Hello I'm gna be !8 this year.I can at least practice to be a real adult. if i don't i would be like in a teenagers attitude for the rest of my life.

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