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Friday, December 5

finally pt . 2

About my missing purse,it's all settled,i didn't found it bt i already make a new id card. I've made a non-permanent id card bt i lost it again. I'm like so gonna find it like hell 2day or else i'm so dead meat if my parents know abt this! arrrggh,how can i lose it again. I'm so careless with stuff. For this year only i lost mye
1 . iPod(misplaced)
2. video cam worth US$6oo++(somebody stole it -_-')
3. most treasured perfume(haha)(misplaced)
4. purse(contains ic ,sim card ,60 bux)(misplaced)
5. >_< wht else?i think thre's more.
6. forgotten,

i've lost a lot of things dat there's one thing my frens felt really weird about me is dat i dont cry abou it but i laughed. n then i scream.


now,i'm done with my spm.. i cud so much thing dat i want. i'm planning to pierced my nose again.would it be obvious? yeah yeah! duhh..starting a new life as person. i'm gonna do my thing.
i'm so stuck with the miserable life i had before but not now not anymore.i'm gna travel a alot and learn new things abt life. i have abotu 3++ months free time myb. i'm gna get myself involve in music,fitting,fashion,travelling,photography, and so much more. I'm gna let myself believe dat i'm no ordinary person.dats wht i think i am rite now. kinda lame yeah bloggy.it's like i'm talking to u.u just listen all the way through. i'm gna expose myself much to the public. meet more new people. add more interests n experience weee. playing guitar is not the only thing i do,i also wna learn other things such as modern dancing , cooking, designing, n yea lots. i'm like so day dreaming rite now.from now,i'll update u,my blog,frequently,so dat the thigs dat i feel each day will fall for u,.

and tonight will be the night
that i will fall for u..
over agaaaain!!


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