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Friday, November 28


Phew..what a year of 2008.Almost finish with my spm which is the biggest examination ever!i have one more paper actually but i still refer it as freedom already.From now on,i'll be like writing about myself 24/7.So much had happened in my life.OK,firstly,education,i answered well in all the papers xcept for chemistry and history gosh!and the last paper is LK which is engineer drawing.I'm speechless.Ouh,my birthday(nov 6th),we celebrated it at a chinese restaurant which a huge banana choc cake from secret recipe.yummy!hmm.what had happened to me since july??haha.i was telling people that i won't be using myspace until spm is over but i was using it like hell.what a jerk!haha.i've been browsing thru so many songs in myspace.i love music soo much!it calms me down seriously.familia?so far,each of them is safe n healthy.about finding a job to work after spm?i'm thinking about it twice.i lost my id card n my mini purse at school.the purse contained,RM60++,my sim card,a top up card and last but not least my id card.If i brought my real purse along,i'll be like losing about RM100++.to be continued...

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