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Saturday, July 12

it is time.

IT's july evrybody..jus 4 months to go..i dun know wht did i do all this following wasted month.i wanna start focusing on my studies..i'll be leaving the network for a moment...or else i'll be an addiCt..i won't study with the internet on..soo addict..i just got bak from independent soiree today..not too many people but..i hve a lot of fun..i screamed as loud as i an..i banged my head as hard as i can..i tortured my eardrum beside the big bulky speakerouch! yea n,but last but not least i let go all of the streSS i got..nyaaah!now it's time for me to study focusly!
i brought bak a lot of book but i didn't stdy at all coz i'm stuck with myspace,tv's ,my phone and entertainment n yea one more guys! can't u jus stop guys from havin my life messy!i'm stoppin i'm stoppin...i'm the hope..i'm the hope.i hve to do this..my results during mid term was daaamn horrible! i gotta get 8 a's!!!i wanna get it!but it's easy to say it..i hve a lot of hard woork to achieve it..the cances are high but the work done is satisfying!i jus gotta put a lotta effort on this..
i dun wanna fool around anymore..i wana study!!please..it's hard to let go..
but just for 4 months...bye.. u in the next 4 month..:)
wish me luk!
i'm going to get what i want!!!>_<

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