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Thursday, June 5


Let me introduce myself again..the name is Nadiana Mohd.Najib.i'm 16 goin on 17 dis year..i hve 4 elder bros n 2 younger bros,that means i hve 6 bros..i'm the only girl along my siblings..n i dun fully act like a girl..i hve different desire..i'm a braces girl ..oouh yea,i jus get my nose pierced n(busted) i have a lotta arguments coming from my mom..getting so obsess with lifestyle..this year is the BIG exam year.i wna do better..but all the time i'm still playing around..hanging out,fooling around..when can i stop this..its barely 4 month away..
i just got back from singapore,,we had a great tym thre(for a vacation),,we shopped like a lot..i got new clothes,shoes,accessories n even a phone(Thx daddy!)we went to the zoo,totally cute cuddly animals!then the next day,we went to underwater world..thre's not much goin thre..but it's enjoying n taking the stress away outta my mind..i hve a lot in my mind n i dun wna take any action out of it..hmm..summer splash?its this saturday..cam mls nk gi but my frens r all thre n i think it wud b fun spendin tym 2getha..i've been very bz at skool that i took the oppurtunity to rest rest n rest this whole holiday..startin this month i'll be workin very like very hard!!SPM babe!!

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