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Monday, December 29

Drive. grrr!

It's just the way how life could be. You play around like the world is just home then you grow up to be somebody who realize that the world is wide and has no limit.We changed a lot since kindergarten. Some people ate tissues ,drew on the wall of the house,climbing here and there,cut their own hair(improperly),man..how that was a long time ago..our parents would just laugh when they have thought of it..i'm a grown up girl now.basically 17.in a year time i would be in adulthood.i must start to think rationally."don't let the emotional grips let you down!".i believe in it.and i will do it. when i was young,i always think about my weaknesses that makes me unconfident with myself.and THAT makes my friends decreased..I like the new me now.Way better than the last 10 years..

End of 2008.

I'm starting a whole diet programme seriously now.diet means eating healthy,not starving to death! i wouldn't do that either. The product i'm using now is a food supplement called herbalife.
For the first 2 weeks,i didn't go serious on it.but i started to be serious since yesterday when i realized that for all this time i'm not taking care my health.and that's is very dangerous.wow,i really can be a nutritrionist.lol.i read nutrition facts a lot now.it is very importatnt to calculate our body mass.
I must balance it with exercises to remain body balance and rebuild muscles so that it will burn fats easily.at least 3 times a week.

Now that i'm 17,i finally taking my licence at a driving academy. I'm on my way to get the L (pre-licence) so that i can proceed on getting P which is the licence that allows me to drive anywhere legally.

I wanted to work at a kindergarten.I don't know whether my parents would allow me for that or not because they told me to just stay home and what was that again?home?I hate staying home. I enjoy social life.meeting up with new friends.conversation.being known. Home is like miserable to me.If i stay like this forever,my emotional grips will grow stronger and i will lose my self confidence.I don't whether i'm mixing up with anybody.At least i hve new friends like oldies,mommies,toddlers,kids..i'm surely going to be happy with it.

My duty for next year is to overtake my bro's job that is to drop and pick my lil' bro's up from school.that is just a resemble of the past when siblings who are older who can drive a car will drop and pick the young ones from school.=)

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