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Wednesday, December 31


daamn i cut my hair at a salon last 2 weeks.my hair was like long and my mom forced me to cut it shit!i always wanted a long hair. and yea guess what ?i revenged and cut it myself even shorter just now.i was daaamn piss off.i cut it behind like a guy and trim the hair infront to the shortest.it's messy .but i left it long on the side. when my mom saw it she's like why the hell did u cut it????

now she knows how i felt being forced to cut my long2 hair. she said i look retarted n look like a nutcase person.who damn cares!!! i just wanted to be myself. that's all.take it! i know she's my mom. i've been doing many things thats she didn't want me to do.i am like the only daughter out of 7 siblings.i have 6 scientific brothers.and that makes me the only girl.uuurgh! sometimes i hate being it. i can't live freely.i think a lot of people wanted to be in my place.bt for me,i just can't hold it any longer.my mom told me to be more gentle.

hello! i'm in the flows of the guys.i tried to be one but why did u tell me to do all the guy's works???the heavy works.u call that gentle?fuck!sorry mom,it's just my confession.no ofense. they wouldn't even allow me to go out except for i have a thousand of reasons prepared. i dunno which one is myself. i am in what way very polite person actually.but the way i dress will make me change the way i act. what kind of lady wud hve such short hair.i did a gud thg keeping my hair long..

*no mood applied.hmpph

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