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Wednesday, December 26

A Rival?Not!

Yeah..i dunno whre to start..but..guess what?i'm on air(flyfm) this morn..haha(batak!)..well,here goes..thre's sudden call from an unknown number..then i heard this freaky vice saying"heyy!can i speak to nadiana,please"..i was like"yea,she's me..who r u?",,"well,we're from fly fm!u just got a gift from us!"..i'm quite excited for a litlle while but then i think twice,myb this is just a prank call after all..then..they told me tht they're going to call later to pick up some details bout me..i just nodded for that.. after 10-15 mins like that..
they called me again..they were askin about my "used to be" bestie,lidya(we're not tht close anymo,we have probs)..i was like(talking to myself)"pehal ngan ma2t ni,nk sebok2 psl hidop aku!",,haha.yea..they keep askin and askin as soon as they ask about her name,guess wht happen?i heard her voice greeting myself!wow!*speechless.rupe2nye..lidya gih anta msg kat flyfm suroh solvekn prob kitorg!lol.hehe,but thx to her,we are back together now and planning to make a band ourself!!(well,we have planned to since in the beginning of the year)..but..the thing is.. we hve prob in the middle of the year n she moved away time puase T_T..u get wht i mean?lol..ask me if thre's more ok?:)

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