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Tuesday, December 18

No Life?

Well,everytime..when it comes to tht question..fortune?friends?study?guitar skills?love life?anything else?i would go nuts with tht!i would never perfect at tht..it's just me..living on my misery life..unknown..damn imperfect..a bored person to hang out with.fuck the hell is wrong with it..i dun givva damn..i feel like i dun hve a close friend to share all my pain..i dun really tell my probs to anybody i think..only a few of them..wtv!wtv!wtv!*tears..owh anyway,2moro is the day i stick on my braces..wish me luck..i'm feeling it..ouch!yea..this song feels like me..

Nobody knows-OST Bleach

nobody knows who i really am..
I never felt this empty before..
and if ever need some one to come along..
who's gonna comfort me and keep me strong ..

(japanese lyrics)

can't rmmbr..
the pain..it aches!

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