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Saturday, December 29

"2008" New Years Resolution.(3 days countdown)

Wow,time flies really fast..i can't imagine how things could be in the next 10 years..i still haven't decide my very future yet..what am i going to be?what am i going to do?and why am still living in this life.i have to find the reasons,i have to find a way to be someone..and i think having a new start of aan arrangeable life would do it.hee=)

i'm gonna start with a resolution.it could lead me somewhere :

*10 A's waitin!(be sophisticated)

*loss at least 20kgs.

*sharpen guitar skills.

*free my mind(relax@yoga ;p)

*no more "failed"subjects.

* no more junk food allowed!(such as potato chip and maggi)

*preparing the real ambition.

*be active and talkative(i mean in studies)

*no more discipline cases.

*online only 4 hours a week.

*beware!don't miss any classes.

*learn to love myself ;p

*be serious!

*have fun ;p

*sacrifice the happy time.

*be myself is the greatest thing!!

*i'm just me..

yeah yeahs!

i think that is all the goals that i could think of..any updates?i think so..just wait..

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