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Saturday, January 26


Omigosh!ahaa..it's on the 26th of january already..yeah..a lot had happened..with my boarding skool,my families,friends,classmates,teachers,duty,rules,house,finance,books,..okok..should i continue?maybe not..a lot of stuff happen between that..i'm gonna start with my skool rules alrite..it's more coherent than last year..here are some of the rules :
1.the hostel gate will be locked at 6.15 am sharp.so be early,coz u dun wanna miss skool.
2.girls,never sit like a metre beside a guy coz u dun wanna get punished by the *tut*.
3.every prayers must be done in surau(seniors included)or else.

i think i'll just give 3 coz u dun wanna hear the others.hee.but thankfully,we have greater food this year..we eat like 5 times a day..whoa..i'm totally gonna be a fat pig by the end of the year..nahh..i always miss hi-tea and supper..and i'm planning to miss dinner too(diet)..i'll think about it..but my parents had paid the fees so i can't waste their money just like that.and the next thing i'm gonna do is to pay attention on my studies.well,this year,i've picked some curricular activities like taekwondo(same as last year),netball(i picked tennis last year but it didn't work out),and last but not least we the prefects must enter the rukun negara club that explores about the laws and rules of our country.lame and gay!omigosh,can't believe i entered that club.i wanted to enter photography club.*eyes sparkling.an inspiration babe!but we have to.i think stdying is a lil bit tough this year coz i missed many class this month already..i caught myself into the prefect's duty.we're going to have juniors next week so we have to do all the paper cliping,arranging all the tables and others..i'm going to work all day long next monday wearing a blazzer for the registration day..i'm totally going to be a roasted chicken by the end of the reg.!but ooo yeah,we still gonna hve juniors yeay!

why am i here?actually,we're not allowed to go back home this week,but i blew the teachers off with my very reasons(appointment with the dentist bcoz of my braces).haha.soon after i called my mom to pick me up(coz i'm going home),she totally pissed me off by saying that "the appointment is cancelled"..i was like "whatt!?but i've manage the letter of excuse and all.."..my mom was like banning me from coming home..but i won't lose..and i'm home now..hee..i can't live in that jail like one month..oh nonono..i'm weak..pfft,,

there's a lot stuff i still need to say here.but i'm out of time..u could figure out why rite..
come2,dun be shy to ask me anything people..and yeah,i need someone to talk to too..
about guys,i've been making friends with them quite fine this year..i feel diff from last year...
i'm more talkative now..well, a lil..i was a piece of misery last year,no one knows me..

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