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Sunday, December 16

My Turn!

Owh,yeay!it's my turn..crap!yea..i jus gettin bored and bored with my misery life..boring life..it sucks hell much!!i dun like it!yea..no life!huhu T_T"..wtv..it's my blog rite!i deserve to do anything with it!u won't lose anything and i'll band all of my deppression here...wtv!feels like talking about something..oooh!well,muh dad bought this huge LCD tv(batak)..haha..well,to watch a movie with it we must buy like a bluray disc worth RM149.90/piece..whoa huh?but it's worth it!crystal clear scene..the sound and all..like perfect!recommended!ask ur dad to buy one!;D..LOL.i just wanna keep writing..ogeyh,i'm making my braces y'know?!i mean the one tht makes our teeth "straight" again..haha..it's not like my teeth is a "gay" or sumthing..u get it,rite!nahh,wtv!owh,i'm gettin it this wed..i can't imagine how it feels like..but it must be painful..drooling and stuff..but it's for the good..i'm not in the mood to sleep rite now..it's already 3.34am in the morning..ok,let's follow that gwen song..stay up til 4 in the morning and the tears stop falling..lalala...look,i'm not hawt at all!!owh,tht reminds me of teddy!my new friend on msn..a friend of mine introduced me to her..it feels like i'm sending u a msg of admission..i'm not hawwwwwtttt!and i know tht!anyone who thinks so must be truly blind!my blog?yea..i dun wanna talk about anybody..i just wanna talk about me,myself and i!!tht's very good!!Aye!i didn't tell u about tht guy..adoyy..ok,fine!well,thre is someone i hve to talk about..well,we met on the plane..it was my plane from goldcoast to kuala lumpur..it took 8 hours to get back..whew!fucking tired man!we talk and talk and rest and talk..haha,well,i sat like quite beside him on the plane..well,his name is jesse..17 years old..he's naturally from melbourne..but he used to stay in saudi arabia for 11 years in his life..whoa!tht's long..he's currently waiting for his admission to a university or collge sumthin2..he's takin civil engineering yaw!!i repeat..engineering..haha!thre's a lot of engineering education around aussie..wow!i wish i could study thre..but my studies?bluek!it's not worth it!i always study last minute one maa!but i think i'm going to improve!!well,i wanna improve..him?i wanna ask him sumthin about tht education..i gave him my contact through his mom..but i think he misunderstood..he thinks tht i like him or sumthin..ok,fine!u're cute and hawt..but i do not fall in love with somebody tht easily..haha..til now i dun get any contact from him..huhu..come on!i wanna be somebody..i want to be known...i dun wanna be misery..i'm actually a silent person..i dun talk much unless thre's sumthing to talk about..
i could talk more than u think if u're talking about my interest or even the things i hate.well,i hve something on my mind..when it comes to girls..i could greet them first and have fun..but guys watch out..i'm use to guys talk first unless thre's sumthing important to do..it's not like i'm sombong or sumthin..once u talk to me and u hve my interest poof thre goes..but when i greet guys first purposely..tht would seem not like me so much!just it's not me!just boring with stuff i think.bored..bored..boring!-_-"

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