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Wednesday, December 12

Somebody Told Me.

Okay..there..I did it again..I left my blog just like that again!but thanks anyway,a friend of mine asked me to write in my blog again.I'm not a good writer but i'll keep on.Many things had happened in my life.From, I got the part to go to Japan for a student exchange programme and how I end up going to Gold Coast,Australia.Well,let me tell u..Actually,I got rejected at the last moment(like a week before going) from the student exchange programme.Like FUCK!Do u know,it's like hell annoying!!I was the only one who got rejected from the programme because of my unfully filled visa form!&& they told me that I'm lack of photos(passport size),like shut the fuck up!They asked for like 12 photos and u know what?I gave them like 16!!Ok..Ok..calm down now..it was all in the past..anyway,they offered me for the next year's programme..hell,yeah..i'm on the study for SPM dude!Can't u even think about that!yeah,on the day I got rejected,my dad cheered me up with a promise of taking me with family for a vacation.It's G.Coast,Australia!!Thk u thk u!!I hve so much fun there.I enjoy every second of my days there.That's because i wanted to payback all of my dissapointment back then.