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Sunday, February 24

In dilemma, distracted and being told.

Assalamualaikum wbt.

Its a post about how I really really feel now. Its about my studies. I couldn't make a decision for myself. I've always wanted to study abroad and I was working hard to get it. and even took out a few hundred bucks to take the english test. but at the end my parents told me not to but to apply somewhere local. I was really furious that time. It was really close back then. I know it would take some money out if I choose to study abroad but I really promise I would try my very best to be the best if I have the chance.

I'll apply for the scholarship once I get there and maintain good grades, if I have the chance. Now that majority of my friends are already in degree. I couldn't think whats best for me now.I've been procrastinating cause I thought about waiting for the results of the local university I was applying. If I choose to study in locals I would have to work harder cause its extra cheap and competitive too. I'm being overly indecisive here. I don't even know where to start anymore.
P/S :
This was the post I wrote last week when my subordinate came in as a practical student. but only 2 days after she got an offer to continue her studies in aussie so that's why I've been acting strangely. I've been wanting to further my studies abroad when I completed my diploma and at first it was already set by my parents. but then when I finished my diploma they told me just to apply to a local university and my dream was totally collided and I feel like I have nowhere to go. How sad was that time.and so I did research here and there. The moment after ,I'm starting to be okay with it. I applied for some local university and expect higher efforts from myself which is a good thing. Everything went out so well until one of my colleague suggested me to just go to any private institution instead of the local if I think its affordable for my family. If I choose to be in a local uni I'll be studying for another round of 2 years which the syllabus is equivalent to the subjects I studied in diploma. Meaning that I wouldn't get any exemptions and I have to study for 4 years to complete my degree. Well that explains a lot. So long story short,would I go to a good private uni or wait for my local uni result? I did consult with my mom about going abroad yesterday and slowly I think she would let me off somehow because the fees for a good private uni is rather much the same as going abroad. Insya-Allah if the flow's going smooth and as planned then it will be my only path.

With love,
Nadiana Najib xx


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